Cyber security hacking demonstration

Witness how a hacker misleads its victim step by step

In a time where digitization is more extensive than ever before, your digital assets could be more valuable than your physical ones. Every day there are news reports about intellectual property having been stolen, networks being taken down or bank accounts being drained. Successful hackers operate profitably from a safe zone and an unknown location, making it hard to catch them, while they continue to target those networks, industrial operating systems, web applications, data storage systems and much more.

To successfully set up defenses against these attacks, it is vital to explore the anatomy of a hacking campaign. What steps does it take to perform successful attacks? How do they penetrate networks and silently obtain information vital to your business?

The Onsite Infradata Cyber Security Hacking Demonstration

During our demo session, Infradata visits your organization and demonstrates all phases of a hacking campaign. From the first scouting actions of the targeted customer up to the execution of the attack, all the way down to the final objective of the hacker.

Our presentation is based on a theoretical model, our real-life experiences and examples that we have been confronted with in the field, supplemented with a live hacking demonstration. During this presentation, every step of a hacker’s campaign is explained in detail, including  tools normally used for each activity. Think of non-technical tools like social engineering or dumpster diving. However the further a hacker progresses in its campaign the more the attack depends on technical tooling. For all these steps, examples are provided and the tooling that is typically used, is explained. Typically, this session will consist of one hour of presentation, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A with our certified experts.

This session is specifically created for managers and employees that do not have a strong  IT background, nor know how hackers perform attacks on organizations. If required, Infradata can also organize a deep dive session for personnel with a strong technical background.

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