Removable Media Management and Protection

Removable media poses a significant threat to organisations in a wide variety of ways.  They can be used to; implant malicious code, steal data, accidentally lose data, transfer data to less secure environments etc

As such removable media needs to be managed and protected.  Where data that is no longer needed is stored on removable media devices it should be deleted and made unrecoverable.  Consideration should be made to implement a register and approval process for devices to be taken outside the organisation. 

Where sensitive data is stored on removable media, full disk or data level encryption should be considered.  Consideration should be made to see if there is a business case for allowing removable media.  If it is determined that they are not permitted, removable media drives should be disabled on all assets. 

Where removable media is allowed within an organisation, the secure disposal of such devices should be regulated by policy, and monitored.  This is essential in order to minimise the risk of the loss of sensitive data.

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