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A10 Thunder TPS

DDoS Detection & Mitigation

The world’s highest-performance DDoS protection solution, the A10 Thunder TPS™ (Threat Protection System) detects and mitigates megabit to terabit DDoS attacks at the network edge. It’s unmatched with an industry-leading 300 Gbps with 440 Mpps in a single appliance — offering up to 11 times the performance of legacy solutions. 

Surgical Multi-Vector DDoS Protection

Ensuring availability of business services requires organizations to rethink how to build scalable DDoS defenses that can surgically distinguish an attacker from a legitimate user. Whether for financial, political or other motivations, today’s attacks have evolved to include DDoS toolkits, weaponized IoT devices, online DDoS services and more.

New threat vectors have changed the breadth, intensity and complexity of options available to attackers. Established solutions, which rely on ineffective, signature-based IPS or only traffic rate-limiting, are no longer adequate.

A10 Thunder TPS DDoS defense solutions detect and mitigate multi-vector DDoS attacks at the network edge and in centralized scrubbing centers.

Thunder TPS

Thunder TPS scales to defend against the Virtual Appliance DDoS of Things and traditional zombie botnets, and detects DDoS attacks through high-resolution packets or flow record analysis from edge routers and switches. Unlike outdated DDoS products, Thunder TPS is built on A10’s market-proven Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS®) - the platform that delivers scalable form factors and cost structures that makes economic sense with complete detection, mitigation, and reporting solution.

When attacks grow beyond an organization’s bandwidth capacity, traffic is diverted to the A10 DDoS Protection Cloud to defend against volumetric attacks.

When you need help most, A10 Networks is available. A10 support provides 24x7x365 services, including the A10 DSIRT (DDoS Security Incident Response Team), to help you understand and respond to DDoS incidents and orchestrate cloud scrubbing. A10 Threat Intelligence Service leverages global knowledge to proactively stop know bad actors.

Your dedicated A10 Networks experts

Infradata is an award-winning A10 Networks Affinity Global Partner with advanced specialties, and the distinction of multiple certified engineers on staff. Our engineers are recognized by A10 Networks as technical experts and advocates of A10 Networks’ solutions. That means you can count on Infradata for the technical know-how and hands-on experience to accurately assess your business requirements, and design, implement, and manage a A10 Networks-based solution to suit your needs.


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Thunder TPS

Surgical Multi-Vector DDoS Protection

Mitigate volumetric, protocol, resource, application and IoT-based DDoS attacks while protecting legitimate users.

Powerful & Efficient

Lower TCO with industry-best 300 Gbps at 440 Mpps. FPGA-based acceleration mitigates without burdening CPUs.

Automated Threat Mitigation

Respond faster and minimize manual changes with automated mitigation and escalation based on 28 behavioral indicators.

Precise Detection

Swiftly detect attacks with in-line or flow-based methods, or integrate third party detection with open APIs.

Hybrid DDoS Protection

Thunder TPS on-premise protection works in concert with the DDoS Protection Cloud service, to provide full spectrum protection. The service is backed by global points of presence and orchestrated by A10 DSIRT.

Flexible Management

Use 100 percent API coverage for SecOps, on-box GUI, CLI, or to manage multiple TPS devices via aGalaxy.

Threat Intelligence Service

Leverage more than three dozen intelligence sources to block malicious traffic. Included with A10 support.

24/7 Attack Support

Spin up 24-7 DDoS attack support from the A10 DDoS Security Incident Response Team (DSIRT). Included with A10 support.

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