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A10 Thunder CFW

Converged Firewall, VPN & Secure Web Gateway

A10 Thunder® CFW (Convergent Firewall) consolidates data center firewall, Gi/SGi firewall, secure web gateway and IPsec site-to-site VPN capabilities into a single solution that also includes all Thunder ADC, CGN and SSLi features.

A10 Thunder® Convergent Firewall (CFW) is the first converged security solution for service providers, cloud providers and large enterprises that includes integrated application delivery and security solutions in a single, standalone product.

A10 Networks CFW 4440

High-Performance Security

Modern service providers, web giants, enterprises and cloud platforms aim to consolidate carrier-grade solutions to defend global networks, secure infrastructure, encrypt data and protect customers. A high-performance, all-inclusive security product, A10 Thunder Convergent Firewall (CFW) is the cost-effective approach for strengthening security postures and protecting network perimeters without the need for disparate point products. A10 Thunder CFW features a data center firewall, site-to-site IPsec VPN, Gi/SGi firewall and secure web gateway for service providers and enterprises. Thunder CFW includes all Thunder ADC, CGN and SSLi features.

Thunder CFW uncovers threats in SSL traffic and secures high-value assets in the data center from network and DDoS attacks. The scalable security solution also protects mobile core infrastructure and enables service providers and enterprises to encrypt data at massive scale in the cloud. Thunder CFW is built on A10’s marketproven ACOS platform that delivers scalable form factors and cost structures that make economic sense. Offering unmatched performance and scalability with the industry’s best data center footprint for integrated security and application networking needs — Thunder CFW reduces an organization’s total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Thunder CFW Features

High-Performance Stateful Firewall

Delivers up to 220 Gbps of throughput and supports up to 256 million concurrent sessions in a one rack-unit (RU) appliance.

Effective Policy Enforcement

Up to 128,000 firewall rules enable granular and flexible policies to filter and monitor incoming connections and traffic.

Integrated Site-to-Site VPN

Encrypt communication between data centers with IPsec VPN to ensure data privacy and security.

Built-in DDoS Protection

FPGA-based Flexible Traffic Acceleration (FTA) mitigates common anomaly attacks before burdening CPUs for DCFW functionality.

Advanced Server Load Balancing

Reduce footptrint and CAPEX/OPEX by combining DCFW with application delivery, NAT and IPsec features in a single appliance.

Flexible Deployment Options

Support traditional north-south and east-west traffic for both IPv4 and IPv6 networks with high-availability (HA) mode.

Logging and Compliance

High-speed logging for all session activities in CEF format and per-rule statistics for SIEM integration.

High-Scale Multi-Tenancy

Define unique policies by service, application or tenant to efficiently scale data center security.

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