Are you going for a wireless first approach?

When you want to standardise on WLAN you need to be sure that you provide an excellent experience over Wi-Fi

You want to go for a wireless first approach, but how do you start? Mist AI™ can help!

This innovative machine learning-based WLAN gives you more predictable, reliable and measurable Wi-Fi. It also provides real-time information about your customers and their mobile devices, so you can provide them with new kinds of location-based services and data. And Mist AI can do much more than that. 

Grab your chance now, and successfully make your network safe and secure. Download the whitepaper 'Why it's time to retire WLAN controllers'.

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March 3 2021

Infradata is an award-winning Mist partner and reseller. Our seasoned engineers deliver premium support and can execute projects on any scale.

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