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We are at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution.

The most commonly used term to describe a new phase of the industrial revolution is Industry 4.0. It includes smart manufacturing, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cyber-physical systems and digital transformation. The Industry 4.0 concept encompasses the digitalization of the horizontal and vertical value chain, innovation in products and services and new business model creation. With its focus on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data, the key business drivers of Industry 4.0 include improving customer experience, increasing speed to market and reducing costs.

Industry 4.0 is about connectivity and an opportunity to radically change the way industry responds to the needs of society.  

To reap the benefits of this revolution, leaders of industrial enterprises have Industry 4.0 at the top of their agenda. However, implementing an Industry 4.0 production environment will be an incremental journey over several years that will include modernizing legacy systems. Once undertaken, the possibilities of applying Industry 4.0 concepts and technology are unlimited. In intelligent factories, machines, raw materials, and products communicate within an "Internet of things" and cooperatively drive production. Products find their way independently through the production process. The objective: highly flexible, individualized and resource-friendly mass production.

Cyber Security and Cloud Networking: Key building blocks for Industry 4.0

Advanced digital technology is already used in manufacturing, but with Industry 4.0, it will truly transform production. It leads to greater efficiencies and changes traditional production relationships among suppliers, producers, and customers—as well as between human and machine. The building blocks of Industry 4.0 are driven by nine technologies:

  1. Autonomous Robots
  2. Simulation
  3. Horizontal and Vertical Integration
  4. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  5. Cyber Security
  6. The Cloud
  7. Additive Manufacturing
  8. Augmented Reality
  9. Big Data and Analytics

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and manufacturing: Connecting people, data and machines 

Industry 4.0 marries smart digital technology, machine learning, and big data with physical production and operations. The goal is to create a more holistic and better (hyper)connected ecosystem for companies that focus on manufacturing and supply chain management. While every company and organization operates on its own way, they all face a common challenge—the need for connectedness and access to real-time insights across processes, partners, products, and people.

Industry 4.0 offers a more comprehensive, interlinked, and holistic approach to manufacturing. Infradata helps to securely and effectively connect physical and digital, allowing for better collaboration and access across departments, partners, vendors, products, and people. Industry 4.0 empowers business owners to better control and understand every aspect of their operation, and allows them to leverage instant data to boost productivity, improve processes, and drive growth.

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Infradata is an award-winning independent provider of state-of-the-art cyber security and cloud networking solutions and services. We enable customers to drive innovation and value with best-of-breed solutions. Infradata creates the foundation for a secure and thriving digital economy and digital society.

Infradata refines networking and security solutions to meet your business needs.
Since 2005, we focus on networks and security for global enterprises, telecommunications operators and service providers. We combine technologies, processes and the best human expertise to create next generation services and solutions. Our service quality and operational excellence results in the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

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