ETIS Network and IT Transformation Workgroup

ETIS Community Gathering

October 17 2019 - October 18 2019

Vienna, Austria - The Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront

Innovating in a Trusted Digital Economy

Each year the ETIS Community Gathering brings together European telecommunication professionals to exchange views on current challenges and best practices as well as discuss use cases, innovation and recent developments in a trusted environment.

Where to put the focus on digital transformation and innovation strategies?

The Telecom industry is impacted by global trends and new technologies. From trade wars to AI and the fear of automation leading to job uncertainty to climate change. Why must the industry respond? The ability to adapt to these challenges and opportunities in a way customers trust and relate to will differentiate connectivity providers from those that grow to become full service providers.

Forward looking, what will be the purpose and role of the Telco in the digital economy? How can the industry collaborate more to be able to compete with global OTT players and increase European competitiveness?

Infradata presenting

During this workgroup gathering, Infradata will be presenting its view on security in 5G and the “Transition to 5G and service continuity”. 

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